Cultural Impact Team Mission Statement:
In order to be the watchman over Christian values in society,
our mission will be to inform, equip, alert and mobilize
our brethren of significant issues confronting us daily.
We are to be the salt and light to our community.





Evangelist to liberal journalist: Stop with the 'progressive' lies

November 15, 2019


What you need to know about the “Drag Queen” indoctrination of children in your public libraries: Where it comes from and how they make it happen.


Over Their Dead Bodies

September 16, 2019


WATCH:Renowned Yale Prof Leaves Darwinism, Says Intelligent Design ‘Absolutely Serious’ Theory

"They will destroy you if you challenge it"

August 22, 2019


President Trump & Israel: A microcosm of his strengths & weaknesses

Friday, August 23, 2019


Senate Dems Give Bizarre Warning To SCOTUS: Change Or Face ‘Restructuring’

"The Supreme Court is not well."

August 13, 2019


Google – the master manipulator of millions of votes

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


How socialism violates all Ten Commandments

10 commandments

July 2, 2019


Freshman Congressman Receives High Praise for Accountability Amid Border Crisis



Generation Z: The Path of LGBT Resistance

For everyone who's tired of scrolling through rainbow pride this month, here's some good news. This constant saturation of LGBT messaging may finally be having an effect -- and not the one liberals were counting on. Turns out, the Left's in-your-face approach to sexuality is backfiring, and in the least likely generation of all.




Pride really is nothing to boast about

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fight for what's right -- period

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

An author and commentator encourages Christians to not be afraid to speak the truth, even if someone says it's "too political."


LGBT Activists Seek to Destroy Christianity

September 9, 2019


In defiance of science

Tuesday, July 23, 201


Shocking photos: Kids lie on man dressed as woman at ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

drag queendrag


Washington State MassResistance directly confronts and exposes another hideous “Drag Queen Story Hour”

Depraved event also promoted to children by local elementary school!

Jun 29, 2019



Margaret Sanger – The Evolution of Evolution


Disney's Movie Cuts Out the Christian Faith That Inspired His Life and Work


Target stores donating $100,000 to promote gay lifestyle to school children


Lesbian Priest Tapped To Head Major Abortion Group, Calls Abortionists ‘Modern-Day Saints’

_November 6th, 2019


Constructive criticism for J.D. Greear on homosexual sin

Monday, September 16, 2019


California passes law forcing churches to embrace LGBT

America, the most Christian of nations. Is in a death slide of sorts when it comes to its Christian more

Rejecting the Marxist version of the Constitution

cit life

Strong families produce strong, independent people. As families weaken, so does the church, where people learn a different Gospel from that of Karl Marx. By wrecking families, you can wreck churches – a twofer for the left.

Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Erases Book’s Bible Quotes, Cuts Jesus, Christian Figures From History

I can tell you who you are …

Pentagon choosing 'Pride' over Trump's orders

WALSH: How The Left Is Normalizing Pedophilia Right In Front Of Our Eyes